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All the Fall Essential Oil Blend Set

$89.95 SGD Regular price $95.50 SGD

We're bringing back some of our greatest hits with the All the Fall Set! It includes six of our customer-favorite fall blends from previous years. Conjure your favorite festive fall treat, transport yourself to a cabin in the woods, or invoke the scent of a crisp, morning walk with these six fall-tastic blends.

Autumn Breeze: Celebrate the changing of the seasons with the wonderful Autumn Breeze blend. It evokes all of the things we love about fall... walking among falling leaves, crisp autumn days, and warm cups of cider. Autumn Breeze includes the bright, uplifting scent of Sweet Orange, the herbaceous aroma of German Chamomile CO2, and the sweet, warm bouquet of Vanilla and Copaiba. These aromas come together to create an amazing blend that is the perfect choice when you want to bring the essence of autumn indoors so you can enjoy “cabin in the woods” vibes no matter where you are. Autumn Breeze is KidSafe, pregnancy and nursing safe, but is not Pup & Pony approved.

Fall Rain: The crisp, coniferous scent of Fall Rain reminds us of rainy days spent in the forest. One whiff of this lovely aroma will instantly transport you to the beautiful, coastal, wooded forests of the Northwest. Therapeutically, Fall Rain is the perfect blend to help ease breathing, calm the mind and body, and encourage a restful night of sleep. Fall Rain is KidSafe, pregnancy and nursing safe, but is not Pup & Pony approved.

Fireside Flannel: Plant Therapy’s Fireside Flannel blend instantly transports you to your favorite mountainside retreat. With the crisp, fresh notes of Juniper Berry, Fir Needle, and Eucalyptus Dives, and the grounding notes of Virginian Cedarwood, Frankincense Carterii, and Vetiver, this blend is reminiscent of nights spent next to the campfire. Orange Essence, German Chamomile CO2, Neroli, and Ylang Ylang Extra provide a subtle sense of sweetness. Fireside Flannel is not KidSafe, pregnancy or nursing safe or Pup & Pony approved.

Harvest Moon: With a crisp, clean, woodsy aroma, Harvest Moon is reminiscent of freshly fallen autumn leaves crunching below your feet on a crisp fall morning. Bergamot provides a subtle hint of sweetness and Cedarwood amps up the woodsy forest aroma. Fir Needle and Juniper Berry give this blend a crisp, clean mountain air feel, while Cardamom shines through bringing warmth. When diffused, this blend may help keep airways clear during times of seasonal illness. Harvest Moon can also help soothe sore muscles due to overexertion. Harvest Moon is KidSafe, pregnancy and nursing safe and Pup & Pony approved.

Maple Leaf: Instill a sense of warmth and comfort during cold fall days with our Maple Leaf blend. The sugary sweet notes of Vanilla and German Chamomile CO2 are reminiscent of warm days spent hiking in autumn. Cedarwood and Sandalwood help ground the blend with a subtle woodsy and sweet note. To top it off, Cardamom brings a touch of spice to this sweet and warm aroma that boasts subtle hints of maple. Maple Leaf is KidSafe, pregnancy and nursing safe, but is not Pup & Pony approved.

Pumpkin Pie: You can’t have fall without pumpkin pie! And that is why this year we brought back our Pumpkin Pie blend for our fall lineup. This wonderful blend will evoke memories of gatherings around the dinner table for a Thanksgiving feast. Spicy and warm with a hint of sweet, the only thing missing from this yummy blend is the whipped cream! Enjoy the sweet, spicy aroma of one of the season's best pies, but without the calories or baking time. This mouthwatering blend will have your home or office smelling like your favorite fall treat. Pumpkin Pie is not KidSafe, pregnancy or nursing safe or Pup & Pony approved.