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CS9 Waterless Portable Essential Oil Nebulizer

$99.90 SGD

Please read the manual carefully before using.

Dimension: 2.76''(W)*4.72''(H)
Item weight: Approx 340g
Capacity: 5-20ml
Voltage: DC-5V

Why Choose It?
1.With cold atomization technology, water free, heat free, diffuses 100% essential oil. The ultra-fine particles of essential oils can be inhaled, will cleanse the room of other toxic particles, or land on your body to be absorbed by the skin.
2.Cordless: Built-in rechargeable lithium battery can last up to 72 hours, you can enjoy aromatherapy anytime and anywhere!
3.Three intermittent modes: 15s ON - 165s OFF; 60s ON - 120s OFF; 120s ON - 60s OFF. Timer: 1H/ 2H/ 3H/ Continuous on.
4.Essential oil leakage caused by accidental tilt diffuser will not damage the diffuser itself.

How to Use?
Two Touch-sensitive Buttons Control:
On/ Off/ Timing Button & Intermittent Mode Button

On/ Off/ Timing Button Instructions:
▷Long press it to turn on/off diffuser, short press to set timing(1H/ 2H/ 3H/ Continuous on).

Intermittent Mode Button Instructions:
▷Short press to set intermittent diffusion modes.
1st Mode: 15s ON - 165s OFF
2nd Mode: 60s ON - 120s OFF
3rd Mode: 120s ON - 60s OFF

How to Clean?
If the nozzle is clogged, please replace the essential oil with rubbing alcohol and run the diffuser for at least 20 mins to clean.

1 x Diffuser
1 x Atomizing Nozzle
1 x 10ml Empty Essential Oil Bottle
1 x USB Charging Cable
1 x Manual

Never use thick essential oils, as it might clog the nozzle.
During the whole process, please keep the diffuser vertical to prevent essential oil leakage.

Any questions please feel free to contact us!