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Osuman V3 Glass Cold Air Nebulizer Nebulizing Diffuser

$79.90 SGD Regular price $84.90 SGD

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  • Osuman V3 nebulizer works using atomizer technology. They do not use heat or water, you just drop the essential oils in as is and diffuse
  • It can generate much more potent, concentrated output of essential oils.
  • The essential oil breaks into very tiny particles and generates negative ions into the air at the same time, making the air fresh and fragrant
  • Diffuse up to 1000 square feet
  • Cannot use diluted blends/oils and viscous oils need to be paired with thin oils for diffusing
  • 3 modes are available ( Press once: work 3 mins, pause 10 mins – total 1 hour | strong mist;  Press twice: work 5 mins, pause 20 mins – total 2 hours | weak mist;  Press 3rd times work 5 mins, pause 20 mins – total 4 hours | weak mist)
  • 6 months local warranty included