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Portable Essential Oil Diffuser nebulizer S98

$75.90 SGD


  • WIRELESS & PORTABLE Rechargeable, you don't have to worry about spilling oils, stepping over wires, etc. The diffuser has modern, and stylish design allows it to be with you anywhere you go- whether it is for travel, around the house, or even in the car!
  • SAFE &PROFESSIONAL aluminium Alloy & Glass Material bottle After only 15-20 minutes of running, with a durable energy efficient electric pump, it quickly fills an area of 320-430 sq. ft.
  • HEATLESS & WATERLESS It does not use any water or heat to diffuse essential oils. Water and heat both negatively effect the effectiveness of the essential oils,. Nebulizing technology is the healthiest and most efficient method of diffusing, delivering your therapeutic needs while maximising each drop of oil.
  • 9 DIFFUSE CONTROL : Timer: 1H/2H/ON, Mist (10s/30s/60s on | 10s/30s/60s off )
  • NOTE: This machine applies only to natural pure essential oils, Please do not add water or use non 100% pure essential oil. Please clean up the product especially the glass container at least once a week to make sure there is no dried oil residues. Otherwise it will affect future performance.


  • Size 10cm(L) x 4cm(W) x 12cm(H)
  • Power 5.0V 1A, 1.5W
  • Weight 365g
  • Power cord length 100CM
  • Raw materials PP / Glass / Aluminum Alloy

How to clean the nebulizer
5-6 times use or 3-5 days, please clean up the product in the following manner:
1. Switch off the machine and unplug the power cord
2. Replace the essential oil in bottle with rubbing alcohol
3. Let it run around 30min to clean the nozzle ( Please do not let the alcohol leaked or splashed onto the machine body)

Package Includes:
1x Essential Oil nebulizer
1x 100CM USB Charging Cable
1x User Manual