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Waterless & Wireless Nebulizer with Rechargeable Battery

$64.90 SGD Regular price $75.90 SGD

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Best selling Waterless & Wireless Nebulizer on Amazon at 80 USD (104 SGD), Our selling price is S$75.90

There is a short introduction demo video here:

Important Notes:
What we're selling is not the Anon brand although it is the same product itself.
This model produces the light scent and may not be strong enough to some customers. If you like strong scent, can consider following model:

and also a review video here https://www.amazon.com/gp/customer-reviews/R2OGUGNSGKYHDU?ref=va_cr_lb

A nebulizer can help to boost your energy levels & immune system, improve quality of sleep & ability to focus, soothe your mood & relieve stress, create calming & comforting atmosphere, eliminate headaches & reduce chronic pain & more!

SUPERIOR AROMATHERAPY EXPERIENCE - No Water. No Heat. Just 100% pure oil diffusion aromatherapy. Using a burst of air, the nebulizing diffuser converts the oil into a fine mist. This helps conserve oil and provide increased enjoyment while using less oil than any other diffusers on the market. Because no water is used for diffusion, the mist released is actual micro-droplets of pure essential oil. This pure oil is essential to experiencing the health and therapeutic benefits an oil can offer.
FREEDOM & FLEXIBILITY - No Wires. No Mess. No Spills. You are no longer tied to a power outlet! The powerful built-in rechargeable battery permits up to 50 hours of use; move it around your house, throw it in a bag, place it in your car. The stylish design blends perfectly with every decor e.g. bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, coffee table, office, spa, car, etc.
THE BEST DIFFUSER GIVES PEACE OF MIND It has the lowest noise level compared to other nebulizers! The child-proof, spill-safe function ensures that the diffuser automatically stops running when tilted, preventing leakage of your precious oils.

Nebulization ionizes and suspends fine oil molecules into the air, making the essential oil more bioavailable. At this point, the essential oil is highly penetrating to the lungs, throat, and sinuses; it literally cleanses the air.
Excellent atomizing performance requires very little essential oil to quickly saturate the air.
Within seconds of operating, a room is filled with pure aroma, like opening a window to a fresh spring breeze.
Added advantage of no heat involved, therefore no residue or oxidation.

Essential oils are by their very nature therapeutic, but their effectiveness can either be enhanced or destroyed depending on the type of diffuser used.
The Aennon diffuser ensures that you are getting the most benefits from your oils and improving the air you breathe.
For most essential oils, heat undermines their effectiveness and can even distort their scent into something unpleasant.
Using no heat or water means maintaining the holistic and therapeutic properties of essential oils.

Modes: Three intermittent aroma intensity modus: 30/60/90s on 120s off
Timer: 1hr, 2hr, 4hr, Continuous
Coverage: 1000 sq ft
Battery: 1200mAH Rechargeable Lithium Ion
Size: 3.5"x3.5" (85x85x85mm)